Welcome to the Makeshift Misfits Wikia!

This wikia is for anyone, and everyone. We created this Wikia in order to help those who are in need of help, support, advice, and/or friends.

The world may be a rough place, and a lot of us struggle in it, but you will never be alone in this place. Thank you so much for visiting us! We hope we can help!

Please, do keep in mind this Wikia is fairly new and under construction until further notice, but feel free to explore!

This Wiki is a BULLY FREE zone! If a user is caught in an act of bullying, that user will be penalized depending on the severity of the case.

Bullying involves:

  • Name calling, Harassing, Making fun of disorders, Putting down others, Excessive negativity, Neglecting others' emotions or state of need, and much more. YOU know what could hurt someone else. Refrain from doing so. Thank you.
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